How To Play PlayerzPot with Complete Guide – Earn Money by Playing Cricket Games Online

How To Play PlayerzPot with Complete Guide – Earn Money by Playing Cricket Games Online

Welcome to, the World’s New Fantasy Game of Skill..! Fantasy Game is all about using your Sports knowledge and skills to create your Unbeatable Squad within a budget of virtual (1000) Gems. Your Squad earns points based on how your chosen Players perform in the real-life match- es. So remember, this is a strategy game based on selecting Players before a match begins.

Fantasy Game on is a game of skill, so buckle-up for the competition and brush up on your Sports knowledge and you’ll have a much better chance of winning.

Why should we Join and Play PlayerzPot?

The PlayerzPot is Interesting and different from another fantasy platform with the various type of excellent feature as listed below.

  • Various types of money withdraw option like PayTm, IMPS, NEFT.
  • Various types of money deposit by our popular and favorite wallet option like PayTm, BHIM UPI, PhonePe, Jio Money, FreeCharge, Airtel Money, Oxygen, PayzApp, Ola Money, Yes Bank, Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking.
  • Interesting Point System or Point Pattern.
  • Interesting and exciting Weekly Task.
  • Always offers Cash Bonus.
  • 25% Deposit Cash Bonus.
  • 10% Referral bonus for a lifetime.
  • A Good and User-friendly interface.

How to Grab up to ₹100 Signup Bonus?

First Download the PlayerzPot app by clicking on the link below.

Click here to ⇒ Download PlayerzPot app

After successfully downloaded & installed of PlayerzPot app you will see the app interface look like the below image.

playerzpot screen1

You have to just click on the Sign-Up button as seen above in the image. After clicking on the Sign-Up, Please follow the below step carefully.

Step 1:


playerzpot signup step1

Just enter your valid mobile number and email id.

Before entering the mobile number and email id please keep in mind, In the last step you will get an OTP on mobile number and activation link on the given email to verify the genuine user. So please eneter the valid unregistered mobile number and email id on PlayerzPot Sign-up process.

Step 2:

playerzpot signup step2

In step 2, You will have to select your residence state as same on Identity proof and put the referral code as “FCADDA18” (without the double comma) to get the sign-up bonus.

Step 3:

playerzpot signup step3

In step 3, You will have to enter your desired and strong password including below condition.

  • Minimum 8 characters.
  • Include minimum 1 special character like (@!#$,*?. etc,)
  • Include minimum 1 Upper case like (A, B, C, D, E, F ….. Z)
  • Include minimum 1 Lower Case like (a, b, c, d, e, f ….. z)
  • Include minimum 1 number like (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …… 9)

Example: Delhi@1947, Play$1000, Cricket@2020, ilove.Cricket

Step 4:

playerzpot signup step4

In step 4, You will have to just enter the OTP that has been sent on to your entered mobile number in step 1.

Step 5:

After successfully verified the mobile number. You will have to open the email id that has been entered by you in step 1.

playerzpot signup step email activate

After opening the email you have received an email by PlayerzPot to activate the account. Just click on the activate button to activate your PlayerzPot account.

Please keep in the mind, You will not be able to login your Playerzpot account without activated. So please activate your account by clicking on the activate button as seen like in the above image on your email.

Step 6:

After successfully verified and activating your account you have to just log in your PlayerzPot account by entering your registered login credentials.

After login to your PlayerzPot account on the app just click on the “MORE” option see your signup bonus and after clicking on the “PROFILE” button to see your successfully verified email id and mobile number for confirmation as below image.

playerzpot verified

⊕ Different Types of Withdraw Option:

  • PayTm: Instant withdraw money in your PlayTm wallet within few second.
  • IMPS (Instant Withdrawal): Instant Money Transfer in your Bank account within few second.
  • Bank Withdrawal: Withdraw money by NEFT, It will take around 1-2 days to credit money in your account.

playerzpot withdraw option

⊗ Different Types of Deposit Option:

  • PayTm
  • PhonePe
  • Jio Money
  • FreeCharge
  • Airtel Money
  • Oxygen
  • PayzApp
  • Ola Money
  • Yes Bank
  • Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking.

playerzpot deposit option

Fantasy Cricket Players Selection


To join the game select fantasy cricket squad of 11 players, consisting of:

  • Minimum 3 to Maximum 5 Batsman.
  • Minimum 3 to Maximum 5 Bowlers.
  • Minimum 1 to Maximum 3 All-Rounders.
  • 1 Wicket Keeper.
  • Maximum 7 players from a single team can be selected.

But you have to manage your 11 players squad within the limits of given gems.


The total value of your initial squad must be less than or equal to 1000 gems.


You can create your squad of 11 players from both teams competing against each other.



30 Runs 3 POINT NA NA
100 Runs 10 POINT 8 POINT 6 POINT
Obstructing The Field -5 POINT -5 POINT -5 POINT
Golden Duck -4 POINT -5 POINT NA
Platinum Duck / Diamond Duck -5 POINT -6 POINT NA


80 & Below -10 POINT -5 POINT NA
Between 80.1 to 100 0 POINT 0 POINT NA
Between 100.1 to 120 3 POINT 2 POINT NA
Between 120.1 to 140 5 POINT 5 POINT NA
Above 140.1 10 POINT 15 POINT NA



Per Wickets 20 POINT 20 POINT 20 POINT
3 Wickets 15 POINT 15 POINT 15 POINT
5 Wickets 20 POINT 20 POINT 20 POINT


From 0 – 2.99 25 POINT 20 POINT NA
From 3 – 4.99 20 POINT 15 POINT NA
From 5- 7.49 15 POINT 10 POINT NA
From 7.50- 9.99 5 POINT 5 POINT NA
From 10 – Above -5 POINT -10 POINT NA



Direct Run-Out 8 POINT 8 POINT 8 POINT
Thrower / Catcher 5 / 3 POINT 5 / 3 POINT 5 / 3 POINT
Stumping 5 POINT 5 POINT 5 POINT



125 Runs & Above 20 POINT NA NA
150 Runs & Above NA 20 POINT NA
200 Runs & Above NA NA 20 POINT
7 or more Wickets 30 POINT 30 POINT 25 POINT
Hattrick 10 POINT 10 POINT 10 POINT
Clean bowling 5 POINT 10 POINT NA
Winning Bonus 2 Points / Each 2 Points / Each 2 Points / Each
Not Out / Retired Hurt 5 Points 5 Points NA


Declaration of Points and Clarification

* For being a part of playing XI will receive 4 points.

* Economy rate is only applicable to bowlers and All Rounders.

* For calculation of Economy rate of a Player he must bowl at-least 2 Overs in T20 / T10 and 5 Overs for ODI. Economy rate is not calculated in Test format.

* Strike rate is applicable to Batsman, All Rounders and Wicket Keeper.

* For calculation of Strike rate of a Player he must face at least 10 Balls in T20 / T10, 20 Balls in ODI. Strike rate is not calculated in Test format.

* The player who you select as a star player will receive x2 the points and captain will receive x1.5 the points of his performance.

* If captain earns total points in decimal number then we select the upper value of the point. For EX: If the captain receives 13.5 points we consider it as 14 points.

* Clean Bowling is only applicable to Bowlers and All Rounders.

* Points for clean bowling completely depends on the data provider. In case if the data from the data provider is incomplete then the decision to award points for the same to the players completely relies upon PlayerzPot team.

* When a Player doesn’t give away any extras in his complete spell then he receives the Clean Bowling Bonus point. Player need to bowl at-least 2 Overs in T20 and 5 overs in ODI for being eligible for receiving Clean Bowling points.

* When player get dismissed scoring 0 Runs and his face more than 1 ball then it is considered as Duck.

* When a player gets dismissed at the first ball he is facing is a golden duck.

* When a player gets dismissed without facing any balls is a Diamond duck.

* Duck, Golden Duck, and Platinum Duck is applicable to Batsman, Wicket Keepers and All-rounders.

* Not-out/Retired hurt is only applicable for Batsman, Wicket Keeper, All Rounders. The player needs to face at least 6 balls in T20, 18 balls in ODI. Not-out/Retired is not applicable in Test format.

* Points for Maiden are given to all i.e. to Bowlers, Batsmen, Wicket Keeper, and All-Rounders.

* winning bonus is given to the actual winning team players. In case of Tie, none of the players are awarded the winning bonus.

* In any format when there is a tiebreaker played in form of Super over or ball-out, the team victorious in the Super over or ball-out will be awarded the winning bonus points. The runs scored and the wicket is taken or any bowling, fielding or batting points acquired in the tiebreaker will not be considered in the actual points calculation on our portal.

* The data we use to give the points to the players and verify the players is received through various resources. In case if the points on our website differ from other websites then PlayerzPot does-not hold any responsibility in this scenario.

“Now You may start playing online cricket games and earn money by the below way.”


Use your skills to create your squad with virtual 1000 gems. You have to select a squad of 11 players from both the playing squads within the given budget.


After you create your Squad of 11 players you can join one of the Match either to win a Real cash prize or to win the game of skills which is totally free of cost.


If your Squad has scored the highest point in your participated Match and stands first in that Match then you will receive the respective Cash prize of that particular Match you have participated in.


If at the end of the match your Squad stands first in the Match you have participated in then the Corresponding cash prize of that particular Match will be added in your account.

Final Word: I hope your all complete information, confusion, and guides about PlayerzPot are covered in this article. If you have any types of query, suggestion, feedback and helps please feel free to contact us through the comment or email id.


All the best.

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